Look closely at a droplet of water, the light shining through a glass, a flower, a leaf, moving clouds, or falling snow. All of these images have an innate beauty -- and the more you look the more beauty you will see! Now look closely at something more 'homely', the angles of the downtown buildings, the shapes of highways and industrial subjects, the varied designs of signs and billboards. There is beauty to be found here also -- beauty that is more rewarding because it is less obvious!

Things for what Else they are brings you this hidden beauty! The compositions on this tape include Clock Cycles, Miniatures, Pointed Mediation, Flo'ology, Sign Pulse (with Unsafe Sax), and Discordia.

Caution! The world will not look the same after you see this tape!

[click on any of the images to see an animation taken from Things for What Else They Are]