I like to work with live video improvisation as well as rendered video. I do this both in my own studio, and at concerts and events in the Boston area. I use a WJ-MX30 mixer, a couple of decks, and a large pile of source tapes. These are primarily my own work, including both finished pieces and excerpts from work in progress.

I also use a drum machine to trigger effects on the WJ-MX30, and am attempting to add MIDI control to my setup for more intense and complete eye stimulation. Id like to hear from anybody who has worked with MIDI control of video mixing.

I have performed at the TONEBURST series of events in the Boston area, at the Middle East Cafe, and at Cafe Bohemia. I am always looking for more places to mix, so get in touch if you have an event coming up.

One long-term goal is the creation of situations in which musical improvisation and visual improvisation are integrated -- the musicians are watching the video and reacting to it, and the video artists are listening to the music and reacting it. I've developed some interesting material in my studio along these lines, sometimes taking on both roles myself!