The primary tools that I use for producing my video tapes are a Media 100 Video Editing System, Adobe After Effects, Boris FX and Boris AE (my current day job), and PhotoShop. I use lots of third party plug-ins for After Effects and PhotoShop, including Kai's Power Tools, Final Effects, Eye Candy, and Aurorix.

Other graphics software that plays or has played a significant role in my work includes the morphing programs MetaFlo (from Valis) and Elastic Reality (now from Avid), and the wonderful Fractal (now MetaCreations) Painter.

Unfortunately, none of these video tools work in real-time. (Media 100 comes closest. Video sequences can be played back as soon as they are put in the timeline, but the kind of real-time interactivity that I take for granted in the MIDI world is not present.)

Some of the work on the first three tapes was generated with video improvisation using a couple of decks, a WJ-MX30 mixer, and some other odds and ends. (One piece made heavy use of feedback off a TV screen, with pieces of glass held in front of the camera.) Future tapes will contain more of this real-time work, particularly when I get MIDI control of the WJ-MX30 mixer worked out, or when Roland comes out with its rumored MIDI controlled video mixer.

My primary source images are my own still photographs (shot over the past 27 years), and video (shot in Hi-8, and, with a digital camcorder small enough to wear on my belt). I also use a lot of stock photography, and some Super-8 footage that I shot in the 70s.