The Ambient Set is an exciting free-form exploration of imagery and sound. The subjects used in The Ambient Set include fashion models, manikins, signs, industrial scenes, city scenes, buildings, water, flowers, fire, railroads, deserts, ice, snow, video feedback, cats, and more. These images are processed, warped, and blended in the computer, and then sequenced and set to a score of ambient and improvised music by Dr. T and Neil Leonard You can also use the free-flowing imagery of The Ambient Set to enhance your favorite recordings of ambient or instrumental music. Experiment and enjoy!

Things for what Else they are brings you this hidden beauty! The compositions on this tape include Mixed Metaphors, Phase #1, Knowing the Ropes, Flower Fantasy, Ambient Jam #2, and Texture and Transformation .

Caution! The world will not look the same after you see this tape!

[click on any of the images to see an animation taken from The Ambient Set.]